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Powder, pistol is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


This item is used in crafting various pistol rounds at a reloading bench. When dropped, the pistol powder appears as scrap metal. It is sold in jars of 200 units.



Pistol powder can be gained by breaking down any of the following at the reloading bench, or giving it to Muggy for conversion in Old World Blues.

Source # Retrieved
.22LR round 3
.357 Magnum round 6
.44 Magnum 8
.45 Auto 8
9mm round 5
10mm round 7
12 gauge shotgun shell 26
20 gauge shotgun shell 18
Red plate 50 (Muggy)
Ceramic dinner plate 50 (Muggy)

Pistol powder is part of the recipes for the following:

Recipe # Required
.357 Magnum round 8
.357 Magnum JFP (hand load) 10
.44 Magnum round 10
.44 Magnum SWC (hand load) 12
.45 Auto 8
.45 Auto +P 10
.45 super hand load 12
10mm round 9
10mm JHP (hand load) 12
12 ga. buckshot 30
12 ga. buckshot, Magnum 40
12 ga. coin shot 30
12 ga. slug 30
20 ga. buckshot 20
20 ga. buckshot, Magnum 28
20 ga. slug 20
9mm round 6
12.7mm round 12
Satchel charge 25
Tin grenade (Mad Bomber) (GRA) 50

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