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The postman uniform and dirty postman uniform are pieces of clothing in Fallout 4, worn by mailmen in the Commonwealth in 2077. It consists of two items: the postman uniform and the postman hat.


The postman uniform consists of blue pants and a blue long-sleeved jacket worn over a button up white and blue striped shirt with a black tie. It also includes black boots and a bag worn over the shoulder with U.S. Mail printed on it. The wearer's Charisma and Endurance are increased by one. It cannot be worn with armor.

The postman hat is a dark blue hexagon-shaped hat with a post badge adorning the front above the bill. It provides a small bonus to Endurance while worn.


  • A postman uniform and hat may be found in the DIA cache at Hub 360 as part of the Jackpot: Hub 360 quest.
  • A ghoul can be found wearing a complete mailman uniform in Goodneighbor.
  • A uniform can be found on a dead settler along with 3 letters in the random encounter The Dead Postman.
  • The hat is on the oversized teddy bear "bus driver" on the bridge north of Egret Tours Marina.
  • A dirty uniform is found inside Warren Theater.
  • Can be bought from Anne Hargraves if recruited to a settlement and assigned to the appropriate clothing shop.


Can be armored with Ballistic weave.


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