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When the Great War occurred in 2077, most of the corporations of the world ceased to exist. Since then, however, countless businesses have appeared to fill the void that they had left. Whether out of greed or survival, a single store or a major enterprise, these businesses have been formed throughout the Wasteland, creating new, post-War economies.

Post-War businessesEdit

Name Type Main Location Region(s) Products
A Quick Fix Store Rivet City Capital Wasteland Chems
All-n-One Store Store The Hub New California General Supplies
Ascorti's Ace and City Hall Casino Redding New California
Atomic Wrangler casino Casino Freeside Mojave Wasteland
Bathhouse Brothel Klamath New California
Becky's Casino The Den New California
Beth's Weapon Shop Store The Hub New California Weapons
Big Horn Saloon Bar Boulder City Mojave Wasteland
Bison Steve Hotel Hotel Primm Mojave Wasteland
Boutique Le Chic Store Tenpenny Tower Capital Wasteland General Supplies
The Brass Lantern Restaurant Megaton Capital Wasteland
Buster's Fine Emporium of Armament Store New California Republic New California Weapons
Café Beau Monde Restaurant Tenpenny Tower Capital Wasteland
Carol's Place Hotel/Restaurant Underworld Capital Wasteland
Casa Madrid Apartments Brothel Westside Mojave Wasteland
Cassidy Caravans Trading Mojave Wasteland
Cat's Paw Brothel New Reno New California
Chem-I-Care Clinic/Store Diamond City The Commonwealth Chems/Medical Supplies
The Chop Shop Clinic Underworld Capital Wasteland
Clinic and wellness center Clinic Tenpenny Tower Capital Wasteland
Combat Zone Bar/Fighting Arena Boston The Commonwealth
Commonwealth Weaponry Store Diamond City The Commonwealth Weapons
Crash House Hotel Junktown New California
Craterside Supply Store Megaton Capital Wasteland General Supplies
Crimson Caravan Trading The Hub New California
Mojave Wasteland
Cutter's clinic Clinic Paradise Falls Capital Wasteland
Daisy's Discounts Store Goodneighbor The Commonwealth General Supplies
Darkwaters General Store Store Junktown New California General Supplies
Desperado Casino New Reno New California
Diamond City Surplus Store Diamond City The Commonwealth General Supplies
Dino Bite gift shop Store Novac Mojave Wasteland General Supplies
Pre-War Souvenirs
Dino Dee-lite Motel Hotel Novac Mojave Wasteland
Drumlin Diner Store Outside Lexington The Commonwealth General Supplies
Dugout Inn Hotel/Bar Diamond City The Commonwealth
Dusty's Cantina Restaurant New California Republic New California Brahmin Burgers/Food/Drinks
Far Go Traders Trading The Hub New California
Federalist Lounge Bar Tenpenny Tower Capital Wasteland
Flak 'N Shrapnel's Store Rivet City Capital Wasteland Weapons
Flick's Slum Store The Den New California General Supplies
Flying Dragon 8 Store San Francisco New California
Friendly Lending Company Loanshark The Hub New California
Gary's Galley Restaurant Rivet City Capital Wasteland
Gibson scrap yard Store Novac Mojave Wasteland Scrap
Gizmo's Casino Casino Junktown New California
Golden Gecko Bar Klamath New California
Golden Globes Pornography New Reno New California
Gomorrah Casino New Vegas Strip Mojave Wasteland
Goodsprings General Store Store Goodsprings Mojave Wasteland General Supplies
Grub n' Gulp rest stop Store Outside New Vegas Mojave Wasteland Food/Water
Gun Runners Production Boneyard New California
Mojave Wasteland
Gunners Mercenary Gunners plaza The Commonwealth
Happy Harry's Store Vault City New California General Supplies
Happy Trails Caravan Company Trading Sac-Town New California
The Hole Bar The Den New California
Hotel Rexford Hotel Goodneighbor The Commonwealth
House of Wares Store Pilgrim's Landing Point Lookout General Supplies
Jungle Gym Prize fighting New Reno New California
Kill or Be Killed Store Goodneighbor The Commonwealth Weapons
Klamath Bob's liquor store Store Westside Mojave Wasteland Alcohol
Last Gasp Saloon Bar/Funeral Parlor Redding New California
Lock and Load Store Paradise Falls Capital Wasteland Weapons
Malamute Saloon Bar/Brothel Redding New California
Maltese Falcon Bar/Casino The Hub New California
Megaton clinic Clinic Megaton Capital Wasteland
Michael Angelo's workshop Store New Vegas Strip Mojave Wasteland Billboards
Mick & Ralph's Store Freeside Mojave Wasteland Chems/Food/Weapons
Miguel's Pawn Shop Store Westside Mojave Wasteland Weapons/General Supplies
Mojave Express Delivery Primm Mojave Wasteland
Mom's Diner Restaurant The Den New California
Moriarty's Saloon Bar Megaton Capital Wasteland
The Muddy Rudder Bar Rivet City Capital Wasteland
New Reno Arms Store New Reno New California Weapons
New Urban Apparel Store Tenpenny Tower Capital Wasteland Clothing/Armor
New Vegas medical clinic Clinic Outside New Vegas Mojave Wasteland Medical Supplies/Implants
The Ninth Circle Bar Underworld Capital Wasteland
Nipton General Store Store Nipton Mojave Wasteland
Nipton Hotel Hotel Nipton Mojave Wasteland
Porter's Café Restaurant Canterbury Commons Capital Wasteland
Potomac Attire Store Rivet City Capital Wasteland Clothing/Armor
Power Noodles Store Diamond City The Commonwealth Food
Prospector Saloon Bar Goodsprings Mojave Wasteland
Publick Occurrences Newspaper Diamond City The Commonwealth
Rawhide Saloon Bar New California Republic New California
Red 888 Guns Store San Francisco New California Weapons
Red Rock drug lab Production Red Rock Canyon Mojave Wasteland Chems
Reilly's Rangers Mercenary Washington, D.C. Capital Wasteland
Rivet City clinic Clinic Rivet City Capital Wasteland
Rivet City Supply Store Rivet City Capital Wasteland General Supplies
Rose's Bed and Breakfast Hotel/Restaurant Modoc New California Wasteland Omelet/Brahmin fries
Salvatore's Bar Bar New Reno New California
Shark Club Casino New Reno New California
Silver Rush Store Freeside Mojave Wasteland Weapons
Skum Pitt Bar Junktown New California
Slaver's Guild Slavery The Den New California
Slavers Slavery Paradise Falls Capital Wasteland
Souvenir shop Store Little Lamplight Capital Wasteland General Supplies
Spitoon Bar Vault City New California
Swatters Store Diamond City The Commonwealth Baseball equipment
Talon Company Mercenary Fort Bannister Capital Wasteland
Tenpenny Tower Hotel Tenpenny Tower Capital Wasteland
The Third Rail Bar Goodneighbor The Commonwealth
The Tops Casino New Vegas Strip Mojave Wasteland
Tubby's Store The Den New California General Supplies
Ultra-Luxe Casino New Vegas Strip Mojave Wasteland
Underworld Outfitters Store Underworld Capital Wasteland Weapons
Vault 21 Hotel New Vegas Strip Mojave Wasteland
Vikki and Vance Casino Casino Primm Mojave Wasteland
Water Merchants Trading The Hub New California Water
Weatherly Hotel Hotel Rivet City Capital Wasteland
Westside Co-op Store Westside Mojave Wasteland Food

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