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The Poseidon Reservoir is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Poseidon Energy Reservoir not only distributed water to the surrounding farmlands and towns, but it was also a source of hydroelectric power[citation needed]. The power generated was used by Poseidon for its research facilities scattered about the Commonwealth[citation needed]. Currently, the reservoir is in a state of disrepair. The hydroelectric generators no longer operate and the water has become stagnant.



Upon entering the facility the maintenance office is located on the right in a metal pod, inside the office is a terminal. On top of the office there's a hidden toolbox, accessible via a footbridge. Past the office a stairwell can be used to access the lower level of the facility, the lower level consists only of a room containing a weapons workbench and some containers. In the southeast part of the facility lies the back area, behind one of the reservoirs a steamer trunk and safe is found.


The roof can only be reached via a stairwell located on the north side of the facility. On the roof a large metal pod with a armor workbench is located upon reaching the roof. On the east side of the facility another reservoir can be reached via a footbridge.

Notable lootEdit

  • Robot model kit parts in a Railroad stash (indicated by the railsign) via a brown pipe going into the lake, accessible via an underwater breach in the pipe, outside next to the factory.
  • Poseidon Reservoir safe key - Inside, behind a large pipe in the upper west section corner (drop down from the catwalk). Opens the safe in room behind the security doors and a tool case in the main room.

Related questsEdit


Poseidon Reservoir has a chance to spawn 3 Legendary ghouls upon entering the main building on Very Hard difficulty.


The Poseidon Reservoir appears only in Fallout 4.


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