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For the company, see Poseidon Energy.

Poseidon Energy is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It was once an oil refinery that provided Boston with fuel and other petroleum products. It was owned and operated by Poseidon Oil.


The facility's exterior is almost surrounded with catwalks patrolled by several raiders. The front and roof access doors are both master-locked. The southeast side of the facility has two drainpipes, one of which can be used to enter the Poseidon Energy Sublevels.

The sublevel is partially submerged, making it a lovely home for mirelurks, with a few automated defenses thrown in for good measure. There are two novice-locked safes with minor loot: one through a submerged doorway near the security door terminal, and the other in an office supply closet with skeletons.

Entering from the sublevels leads right to the front door. A novice-locked wall safe is near the "Restricted Area" sign visible from the front door. Through the yellow-lined doorway is another security terminal with a door. Opening this door will activate the main floor's automated defenses, which will start fighting the raiders on the catwalks above. Progress is pretty linear through this area with just a couple side rooms, one of which contains a chemistry station. A short jaunt beyond the chemistry station is the ramp up to the roof access door. Cutty clad in raider power armor await in the central structure, guarding the Endurance bobblehead and a Tesla Science Magazine.

Synths have been sighted here attacking the raiders inside the building. Depending on level there may be a Courser. If on good relationship with Institute they will not attack.

Notable lootEdit

Related QuestsEdit

  • Rogue Courser - A Courser has become friendly with the local raider gang and needs to be killed.
  • Variable Removal - This is one of the locations where P.A.M. may want the Sole Survivor to eliminate a courser. The target and its synth escort can usually be found in the main hall, engaged in a massive shootout with the resident raiders.


  • Opening the security door on the floor level will reactivate the dormant security turrets and Protectrons within the facility.
  • There is a flooded sub level inside.
  • There are two master locked doors that can be used for easier access to the Endurance Bobblehead & Tesla magazine located on the car park and on the roof.


Poseidon Energy appears in Fallout 4.


ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Cutty is not hostile towards the player, likely due to the appearance of the synths.


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