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Todays Headline

Find out which mods will be available on PS4
By Agent c

Since Bethesda was able to reach a settlement with Sony over what mods would be permitted on the Playstation 4 Platform, we've been wondering what mods exactly we'll be able to experience given that Sony isn't allowing for new assets to be created.

Wonder no more. With Fallout 4 mods expected in the next software update, Bethesda have updated their website to allow you to see exactly which mods are PS4 Compatible.

Are you pleasantly surprised, or disappointed by the list? Let us know in the comments.
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New Releases News

Shelter 1.8 Update

(6 October) Today Bethesda Game Studios released Update 1.8 for the award-winning mobile and PC game, Fallout Shelter, allowing Overseers to craft themes for their Vault rooms based on their favorite Fallout 4 factions, introducing Holiday celebrations, and bringing even more new Quests to the free-to-play game.

Update 1.8 Content Includes:

  • Room Themes: Players can show off their Fallout 4 allegiances by building the new room, the Theme Workshop, which enables the crafting of room themes based on the four Fallout 4 factions – the Minutemen, the Railroad, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Institute. Crafting recipes for these themes will be found on Quests, and players can turn themes on and off at will.
  • New Quests: Update 1.8 brings a fresh batch of Quests – including upcoming special event Holiday Quests -- to keep Dwellers busy finding upgrades and gathering resources from the Wasteland.
  • Holiday Festivities Coming to the Vault: For the second year in a row, holiday celebrations will return to the Vault for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Starting in October, Halloween-themed outfits will appear as Quest rewards and spooky room themes will become available for a limited time.
  • iMessage Stickers: Since their release in September, Fallout Shelter players on iOS10 have been sharing exclusive Fallout Shelter stickers to dress up their messages with friends. Update 1.8 brings a new batch of stickers, including a set of Halloween-themed stickers just in time for the holiday.

Fallout Shelter is available for free on Android and iOS devices as well as PC. To download the game, players should visit Google Play, the App Store, or, on PC, by downloading the Launcher at the following link:

For more information on Fallout Shelter, please visit
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Other News

Wasteland 3 reaches target
By Agent_c

You start the game as the sole survivor of Team November, a Ranger squad dispatched to the icy Colorado wastes. This is a land of buried secrets, lost technology, fearsome lunatics, and deadly factions. No one here has ever heard of the Desert Rangers. Your reputation is yours to build from scratch, and your choices may save this land or doom it. With a renewed focus on macro-reactivity, you’ll be picking between warring factions, deciding whether locations are destroyed or saved, and making other far reaching decisions that have a marked impact on the shape of your world.

Wasteland 3 Campaign

Hot on the heels of their success in Wasteland 2 and Torment, the InXile boys have started a kickstarter campaign for Wasteland 3, and its already exceeded its campaign goal.
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Wiki News

A new front page?
By Agent c

Hi Folks,

I've been working on an update to the front page. The idea is to cut down on a lot of the text, and make it more visually appealing, as well as creating a new model for portal pages and mobile pages.
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Aug Pride Event
By Raylan13

UPDATE: We have received your submissions and Dogmeat has been mechanically augmented. Presenting: Augmeat!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the latest entry in the cyberpunk stealth-action game franchise, launches on August 23, and Fandom has partnered with publisher Square Enix to launch a Wikia-wide community activity themed around mechanical augmentation.
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Bethesda Store News

...And a redbird in a Muitfruit tree?
By Agent c

It seems christmas has come to the Bethesda store, with some Christmas ornaments and fleeces hitting the shelves


$20 for the 4 packs or $30 for the SPECIAL 7 pack

For those of you feeling the cold, perhaps these fleece tops will be more your style? They're $50 each.
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Bethstore Mega update
By Agent c

A huge number of items have been added to the Bethstore. Let us know which of these you're planning to buy...
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Its the "Weekly" caption contest

Welcome to another week of captioning fun Caption Fans.

This weeks vote
Fun House spinning ghouls
Choose your favourite

The poll was created at 13:19 on September 6, 2016, and so far 96 people voted.
This weeks image

Since we're still live in Nuka World, Caption this Nuka masterpiece... if you can:

Nuka-Girl rocket suit Nuka Galaxy

Click here to enter your caption and see last weeks winner


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