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A hypodermic needle full of powerful poison.

Poison is a Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics and Fallout: New Vegas item.

In Fallout 2, its sole purpose is to kill Westin without problem.


Fallout 2Edit

Fallout TacticsEdit

Fallout: New VegasEdit

Poison is an item found and used throughout Fallout: New Vegas. It can be applied to either unarmed, melee weapons or thrown melee weapons, and takes effect on the next entity to be attacked with the poisoned weapon. The poison is applied to a melee or throwing weapon by equipping the weapon and "consuming" the poison. The poison will then be taken out of the player's inventory and then added to the weapon. Besides finding poisons, different types of poisons can also be crafted at a campfire, provided the character's Survival skill is high enough. NPCs killed by the poison effect will not affect the players faction reputation.

Craftable poisons include:

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