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Plugging a Leak is an Institute side quest in Fallout 4. It can be accomplished for the benefit of the Institute or against their interests.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Institute side quest: Plugging a Leak
Speak to Doctor Ayo.
Access lab terminal.
Go to Binet residence and access terminal.
Confront Liam's mother in maintenance room.
Confront Liam.
Report Liam.
Frame Ayo.
Reward: 200 XP
1000 caps
Reward: 200 XP
Liam's glasses

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Speak to Doctor Justin Ayo at the Synth Retention Bureau. He suspects that someone within The Institute is helping synths escape. His prime suspect is Doctor Alan Binet in the Robotics department. Go there and access any terminal (speaking to Binet is optional) and read the logs.

This will lead the Sole Survivor to the Binet residence, where they will find the doctor's son, Liam Binet, and Liam's "mother," Eve. While there, access the terminal and read the logs. Go back to the Synth Retention Bureau, access one of those terminals and read the logs.

The Sole Survivor will be directed to the maintenance room, where Eve will be found acting suspiciously. She claims to have developed a motherly attachment to Liam and has been covering his tracks. Unhappy at being found out, she'll point a gun at the player character. At this point, either eliminate her or pass a hard Charisma check to convince her to stand down.

Whatever the decision, head back to Liam at the Binet residence. When Liam is confronted, the player character will have two options:  Report Liam to Doctor Ayo or frame Doctor Ayo.

Option 1. Report Liam to Doctor AyoEdit

Return to Dr. Ayo and inform him of Liam's actions to receive a reward of 1,000 caps and end the quest.

Option 2. Frame Doctor AyoEdit

Go to to Ayo's quarters and access his private terminal. Disable the safeguards and return to Liam to end the quest and receive Liam's glasses as a reward.

Quest stagesEdit

400 Investigate the robotics terminals
600 Investigate Alan Binet quarters
650 Investigate the SRB terminals
700 Investigate the maintenance terminal
750 Eve attacks player
800 Confront Liam Binet
1000 Report your findings to Justin Ayo
1200 (Optional) Disable the safeguards on Justin Ayo's Terminal - Frame Ayo
1400 Return to Liam Binet
2000Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete
2500Quest finishedIcon checkQuest failed


  • This side quest is mutually-exclusive with the Railroad quest line, as obtaining this quest requires completing Mankind-Redefined, which results in failing Tradecraft if that quest has not been completed beforehand. Conversely, successfully completing Tradecraft makes this quest unavailable even after Mankind-Redefined is completed.
  • Choosing to frame Ayo results in failing Political Leanings, which can be issued before 'Plugging a Leak' and completed after, as the former requires a return to the surface and the latter can be completed in a relatively shorter run around the Institute. If you decided to report Liam to Doctor Ayo, Liam will be banished from the Institute and never appear in the game again.


  • pcIcon pc Terminal at the Synth Retention Bureau may not direct you to the maintenance room. [verification overdue]

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