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For an overview of wrenches in the Fallout series of games, see Wrench.

The pipe wrench is a melee weapon in Fallout 4.


The pipe wrench is a heavy, metal wrench, specked with rust and covered in chipped red paint. Although other wrenches appear in the game, the pipe wrench is the only one used as a makeshift melee weapon.

The pipe wrench's low weight, average swing speed and heavy damage makes it a decent low to mid-tier melee weapon. Weapon mods (in the form of gears and other metal objects held tight in the wrench's jaws) can be added on for additional damage and other effects.

Weapon modificationsEdit

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Damage per hit changeIcon damage Weight changeIcon weight Weapon value change in capsIcon merchant Perk needed Components Base ID
Head Standard Standard. Gears x1
Steel x1
Hooked Chance to disarm. Better damage. Hooked +5 +0.4 +9 Adhesive x2
Screw x2
Steel x2
Heavy Extra limb damage. Superior damage. Weighted +10 +0.7 +12 Blacksmith 1 Adhesive x3
Screw x2
Steel x4
Puncturing Armor piercing. Superior damage. Puncturing +10 +0.7 +13 Blacksmith 1 Adhesive x4
Steel x4
Extra heavy Chance to cripple. Extra limb damage. Superior damage. Heavy +15 +1.5 +22 Blacksmith 2 Adhesive x4
Screw x4
Steel x6


  • Big Jim - Unique pipe wrench that has a chance to cripple legs.


  • Found at the Starlight Drive In in the small shack on the shelf next to the crafting station.
  • One may be found in Kendall Hospital, in a room in the irradiated hallway after the deathclaw pit.
  • One may be found in University Point inside Sedgwick Hall, in a third floor room with a large blackboard.


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