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Pilot light
Pilot light
Icon junk
compon. ofShishkebab fo3Gametitle-FO3
Gas bomb Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM
Cosmic knife super-heated Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM
usesRock-It Launcher ammunition fo3Gametitle-FO3
14 fo3Gametitle-FO3
14 fnvGametitle-FNV
questsNot Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans
base id000220fc

The pilot light is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.


In Fallout 3, one is needed in the creation of a Shishkebab. In Fallout: New Vegas with the Dead Money add-on installed, one is required to craft a gas bomb and the Cosmic knife super-heated.


Fallout 3Edit

They're frequently found in ovens (found in many abandoned houses, for instance in Minefield), or in workshops. A pilot light can be obtained early in the game by searching through Silver's stove inside her house in Springvale, in the Super-Duper Mart in the back room, or in the RobCo facility.

Fallout: New VegasEdit

Similar to Fallout 3, pilot lights in Fallout: New Vegas can be found in ovens. Many can be found in the basement of the REPCONN test site, especially in the storage room in the south-west. There are also several of them lying on the floor across the whole basement.


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