The pile of cazador eggs is a quest item in Fallout: New Vegas.


It is a quest item for the 5th part of Bleed Me Dry. Red Lucy of The Thorn will give you 1,000 caps for them or 1,500 with a Barter check of 90.

It spawns once this part of the quest has started. It is interacted with, not taken, and cannot be dropped.


The pile in which the eggs will spawn is in a mountainous ravine, which is full of cazadores, southwest of Ranger station Foxtrot. They are next to the tall ravine wall. The marker points out the exact location.

The location is in a wooded, then shrubbed ravine that runs generally in a northeast to southwest direction. One can get to the eastern portion (or approach) of the ravine by starting in Jacobstown and going east and then south around the mountains that are south of Jacobstown; this is the easiest way to get there if you have not yet discovered Ranger Station Foxtrot. Or one may get to the eastern portion of the ravine by taking the road that heads north by northeast out of Ranger Station Foxtrot and then turning west as soon as possible and then heading in a generally west by southwest direction until the courier is heading in the direction of the location marker. You can also reach the location coming from Red Rock Canyon and using the uphill path on the right. To reach the top you have to jump on the cliff which is between the two paths.

There may be a few cazadores near the beginning (eastern part) of the ravine, one or two small groups further into the ravine, and then even more (6-10?) hovering around the pile of eggs.

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  • It is possible to just give Red Lucy 12 cazador eggs instead of collecting these.