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Piers Isley was the general manager of REPCONN Aerospace. His remains can be found on REPCONN headquarters's third floor in Fallout: New Vegas.


Piers, manager of the REPCONN headquarters until 2077, was in close contact with RobCo Industries after REPCONN was bought out. He aided RobCo in performing a hostile takeover by eliminating REPCONN's founder and long time CEO Leonard Steeple with the aid of Julia Masters.

He appears to have died under a collapsed roof after attempting to escape the building with a briefcase full of money.


  • In addition to a security card which allows access to new areas of the building, his briefcase contains 200 stacks of pre-War money.
  • Piers' notes to staff can be found on an Average-lock terminal on the ground floor.


Piers Isley is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas..

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