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Pickman's Blade is a unique combat knife found in Fallout 4.


The blade actually has two distinct abilities. The first is its Wounding effect, which causes targets to bleed for an additional 25 points of damage. The second is a pre-equipped stealth blade mod which deals an additional sneak attack damage multiplier of 0.6, as well as causing targets to bleed for an additional 10 points of damage over the course of 5 seconds. This stacks with the weapon's legendary modifier for 35 points of damage from bleeding per hit, and bleeding effects currently stack per hit, making this an extremely effective melee weapon even against higher level enemies later in the game.

Weapon modificationsEdit

Slot Mod Description Damage per strike changeIcon damage Weight changeIcon weight Weapon value change in capsIcon merchant Perk needed Components Base ID
Blade No upgrade -13 -? -18 00000000
Serrated blade Targets bleed. Exceptional damage. -6 Blacksmith 1 Adhesive x1
Fiberglass x1
Steel x2
Stealth blade Increased damage from sneak attacks. Targets bleed. Exceptional damage. Blacksmith 2 Adhesive x2
Aluminum x2
Fiberglass x1
Oil x4


The weapon is located inside a Master-locked wall safe, behind Pickman's painting "Picnic for Stanley". In order to get the key, you must work your way through the gallery and the connected sewers, and rescue Pickman from a group of raiders. Afterwards, when talking to him, he will express his gratitude, give you his key and tell you where to find your reward. Alternatively one may let the raiders kill Pickman then loot the key off him later, however, this will not prompt the player to go to the painting.

In order to find the painting he is talking about, return to the front door, then immediately enter the room on the left side of the hall. It will be a picture of a man's face; when the reticle is placed on it, you will receive a prompt to take it off the wall. This will reveal the wall safe, and within lies your prize, along with some caps and a thank you note, if Pickman is alive.

Behind the scenesEdit

50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.The following is based on unverified behind the scenes information and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • The knife is a possible reference to H.P. Lovecraft's short story, "Pickman's Model" as the main character of the story is Richard Pickman, a painter.
50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.End of information based on unverified behind the scenes information.