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Pick-me-up stations are settlement objects in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World. They require Wasteland Warlord rank 1 to build.


Each station requires 2 power and will generate happiness for the raider settlement. Periodically drugs (Buffout, Jet and Psycho) are deposited in the station which the Sole Survivor can collect. No new drugs will be deposited if the total value of drugs in the station is over 1000 caps.

If a station exists in a raider settlement that is later retaken for settlers, the settlers will also enjoy it. However, some settlers will neglect their assignments and continually use chems at the station.

Should players betray the Nuka-World raiders, Pick-me-up stations are among one of the many objects that can no longer be crafted. However, any Pick-me-up stations remaining will still produce chems. Scrapping or storing them will remove them completely, with no chance to place them again.


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