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Bumped into a traveler a little while ago who showed me what he said was a fragment of the actual Liberty Bell! Poppycock! The Liberty Bell is still intact and laying in the ruins of Philly. I have funded an expedition to that dump in hopes of having the entire bell brought back to my museum.

Liberty Bell Expedition, Abraham Washington

Philadelphia (colloquially called Philly) was a pre-War city in the United States.


The city lies in ruins,[1] but one piece of American history still stands there, the Liberty Bell. Philly is mentioned in Abraham Washington's terminal. It states that he ran into a traveler from there, and that he has funded an expedition to retrieve the Liberty Bell.[2]


Philadelphia is only mentioned in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.


  1. Civil Alert System Broadcast: " This morning, Saturday October 23rd, authorities detected that a nuclear attack had commenced against the United States. The following cities affected include, but are not limited to: Washington, DC; New York; Philadelphia; and Boston."
  2. Rivet City terminal entries#Liberty Bell Expedition

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