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For other characters who appear in the Fallout universe named Phil, see Phil.
I should shoot you dead, but I'm kind of curious about what you could possibly have to say to me.

Phil is a member of the New Khans in 2241.


A heavily armed, tough-looking young man in metal armor[1], Phil is one of the New Khans who kidnapped Chrissy outside Vault 15 in order to have "fun" with her. He is also the one that holds the key to her room.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Companion: noIcon cross
Talking head: noIcon cross
Merchant: noIcon cross
Modifies items: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Starts quests: noIcon cross
Involved in quests: yesIcon check


  • Rescue Chrissy: With a high enough Speech skill, the Chosen One can convince him to release Chrissy; otherwise he will take this offer as a challenge and attack.



Phil appears only in Fallout 2.


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