Peter Stevens was a resident and technician of Vault 87.


The player can locate a computer terminal with his private logs in the Vault, just inside the entrance of the Reactor Room if the player came from the terminal-locked door in Little Lamplight. Peter apparently lost his son Jason, and the children's laughter he kept hearing caused him to go mad with grief. Unknown to him, he was not hallucinating, but simply hearing the kids in Little Lamplight.

Upon searching further into the Vault, one can find a medical terminal that lists "Jason Stevens" as deceased under an 'unexplained' death. The same terminal notes that the unexplained and undefined deaths were related to the EEP, or FEV experiment, program.

Terminal logsEdit

Many of the data files are corrupted, and therefore, a number of the logs cannot be read. There are some, however, that survived time. They are Journal entries 06A02, 06A05, and 06A07.


  • His name may possibly be a reference to the film "The Shawshank Redemption"; in the film, the protagonist Andy Dufresne uses the alias "Peter Stevens".
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  • The Vault 87 Overseer's terminal claims Peter was never married, and never even had a child, and seem to express that he was simply going mad, though the cause is unknown. However, it should be noted that this content was removed from the game's final build, and therefore may or may not be canon. The note says:

Peter Stevens

This gentleman continues to impress me. He was just recently promoted to Technician Third Class by Chief Koster for his ingenuity and ability to think quickly in emergencies. Given these talents, I think he'd make an excellent candidate for Koster's eventual successor if the need should ever arise.

UPDATE: It seems Peter has suffered some sort of a nervous breakdown. He keeps claiming that his "son" is missing and his "wife" is in deep depression, although I have no records of him ever being married or having a child. I've recommended that he be taken to the Test Labs for observation and sedation if need be.

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