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Persuasion test eight is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.




Lizzie Wyath: So, this will be test eight of the persuasion formula. Our subject here... what'd you say your name was again?
Test Subject: Fuck you, Lizzie. When my crew finds out about this, they're gonna wear your skin.
Lizzie: Okay, we're just going to call you Eight. Eight, would you please stop talking?
Test Subject: Go to hell.
Lizzie: As you can see, Eight is currently not receptive to my suggestions. Now, deploying the formula.
Test Subject: Uh, what, what the... hey.
Lizzie: Hey yourself. Eight, how do you feel right now?
Test Subject: Fine. Good, I guess.
Lizzie: Excellent. Now, Eight, I'm going to untie your arm.
Test Subject: Okay.
Lizzie: Now, Eight, I want you to hit yourself.
Test Subject: Hit myself?
Lizzie: Please.
Test Subject: Ah!
Lizzie: Again, please. Harder this time.
Test Subject: Ergh!
Lizzie: That's perfect. Thank you, Eight. You can stop now.
Test Subject: Thank you.
Lizzie: You're welcome. Eight, I'm going to untie you. Now, if you wouldn't mind -- Eight! What're you--
Test Subject: Are you an idiot? Did you really think that shit would work? I'm going to eat your-- ugh!
Lizzie: Thank you, William. I-I'm going to need a minute, before you bring in number nine.

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