The Personal Log[1] is a little electronic book device equivalent of the RobCo Pip-Boy, found in the Vault prototype and used by the Brotherhood of Steel during its Texas expedition.

Like other and similar Pip-Boy models, the Personal Log has the capability to store large amounts of information and provides a map of the region that records continuously upon itself, yet it's unknown if it can transfer data from and to holodisks.

The character shown in images that illustrate the characteristics of the Skills (skills in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel work like perks in other Fallout games) is often incorrectly called Pipboy (even in Fallout Tactics). His real name is Vault Boy.


The Personal Log includes four buttons - left arrow, right arrow, up arrow and down arrow. The left arrow and right arrow allows to move from one function to another function, and the up arrow and down arrow allows to scroll down for read a text or view its objects while remaining within the same function.


When it is not in use, it displays the current map of the area and any location its user might visit during their journeys, kept within its memory.


Weapons function will display all weapons that its user possesses, in addition to showing their damage output, along with the ammunition used and their selling prices.


Armors function will display all armors that its user possesses, in addition to showing the AC and their selling prices.


Items function will display all other items that its user possesses, in addition to showing the selling prices and if they are quest items.


Character function will display all information about its user.

  • Level
  • Experience
  • Next Level
  • Skill Points
  • Health
  • Armor
  • Caps


Quests function will display all information over current quests for its user.


The Personal Log appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and main characters are all equipped with it.



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