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Peoria fbos
Mission data
chapter2 (Bunker Beta)
given byGeneral Simon Barnaky
mainFind three fusion batteries
optionalMake sure no harm comes to the tribals
Get the fourth fusion battery
dialogue fileMIS 05 Speech.txt
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Peoria is the fourth or fifth mission in Fallout Tactics.


It is suggested you have at least 2 characters to accomplish all the objectives unless you have managed to hoard copious quantities of After Burner gum as there are 12 functioning turrets in the mission (13 in total). It takes 4 After Burner gum to overdose and destroy a turret (Buffout, Mutie and Psycho are good, too. If you don't have any of those, you can use Mentats. But you need about 7 to 9 boxes of Mentats). Every turret has from 60 to 63 microfusion cells in them. It is good to take some extra characters with big Strength so you can carry all the cells home.

Outside the village walls to the northwest, two dead raiders can be looted for a P220 and a few other worthwhile items, including a Scout Handbook. There are also two dead raiders northeast of the village up on the cliffs. One more dead raider and a dead tribal can be found on the cliffs to the southeast. There are three turrets around the top of the stairs into the store room; depending on your decisions later in the mission, these will later fire upon the villagers unless you have sufficient After Burner gum to destroy them before you enter the bunker (each turret requires approximately four applications).

First batteryEdit

Peoria fusion battery1 loc

The first battery with some notable loot around

Now proceed down into the bunker from the staircase at the northern edge of the village. Follow the rooms on the left side to obtain the yellow pass key. Now backtrack and continue clearing rooms until you get to room with several lockers and a safe, use the keycard to enter the room and the first fusion battery will be in the blue locker. Now proceed to the right side of the bunker where there will be a power switch. Using this will activate the interior defense systems. These defense systems are automated laser turrets that will repeatedly switch between hiding under the floor and firing position. Listening carefully you can gauge when they are above or below ground and get past them without having to fight them.

Second batteryEdit

Peoria fusion battery2 loc

Second battery, in a locker past first encountered turrets

The next area has far more radscorpions and large radroaches, as well as a few more turrets. There are two things you need to find here. The second battery, which is near the left side in a lone blue locker on a long walkway. The second thing is a power switch, near what looks like two electrical generators and is guarded by another turret. Once the power is back on you can proceed to the third and final area. The entrance is in the top left.

Third batteryEdit

FoT fusion battery3

Third battery with Roachor and a Maddock's Tricks & Traps nearby

At the beginning of this area is another switch. Using this switch will cause the defense system to switch from internal to external. This gives you three options.

  • Using the switch will kill a majority of the tribals above ground but will turn off all the turrets where you are, thus making it much easier for you to progress through the final area.
  • Not using the switch will mean having to fight your way through the turrets but the tribals will be spared and the Elder will give you a fourth battery. You will also gain more Karma and a promotion, as well as new recruits.
  • If you have one spare character, you can put him next to the switch, turn it on external, run with all other characters in the room, seek a safe spot and turn it to internal again. But you have to be quick, since you only have ten seconds.

Once through the area with the turrets there will be a few more roaches and radscorpions to deal with before you get to the final large room. Inside is the last blue locker with the third and final battery. Also in this room is four large radroaches and Roachor, a formidable opponent, despite being a cockroach. The room is also radioactive so taking Rad-X pills before entering is recommended.

Once finished head back through the bunker. On your way back out, if you used the switch to change defenses to external, switch it back to internal. Dodging the turrets inside the bunker is much easier than getting through the turrets above ground.

Optional ObjectivesEdit

This can only be accomplished if you do not use the switch that changes the turret defenses from interior to exterior. Before you leave, talk to the Elder and he will give you the fourth battery.


  • The map contains a lot of microfusion cells in turrets. But the Warrior cannot return to Peoria in order to grab some MFC later. After completing the mission all operative turrets will be underground forever.


  • In ver 1.27, if the main character oobtains batteries in his/her inventory for the first time, the fourth battery would not appear after talking with the Elder. Just give the batteries to other team menber then talk to the Elder.[verification overdue]

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