People's Liberation Army

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People's Liberation Army
China Emblem PLA.svg
founded byCommunist Party of China
belongs toPeople's Republic of China
divisionsCrimson Dragoon
relatedChinese remnants
appearancesFallout 3
Operation: Anchorage
Fallout 2
Fallout: New Vegas
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The People's Liberation Army is the army of the People's Republic of China.

Background Edit

They are the army of China, and were involved in many battles during the Resource Wars, and retaliated to the world during the Great War. It was led by Chairman Cheng. Their most famous battle was the invasion of Anchorage, Alaska.

Resource Wars Edit

During the Resource Wars, they sent a spy submarine to Point Lookout. However, an unspecified event caused the crewmen to ditch. They then sent two spies to try and destroy the sub before the Americans could get to it. They had infiltrators in Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh, and the ghoulified Chinese remnants still inhabit the Mama Dolce's food factory building in D.C. In Pittsburgh, the infiltrators were killed just after the Great War. A dead Chinese remnant with a ham radio can be found in a random encounter, as well as an alive one in a random encounter.

Great War and post-war Edit

According to Dick Richardson of the Enclave, the Chinese might have been the ones to use a nuclear attack first, as he says, "...and then those damn reds launched...". They launched thousands of bombers and ICBMs who swept across the United States, from west-coast to east, according to Carol in Underworld, who says "...we had some warning after the west coast dropped off the map..." when questioned about the Great War. They only targeted major strategic objectives, such as West-Tek and Washington, D.C.. After the Great War, Chinese infiltrators remained in the District of Columbia, taking shelter in Mama Dolce's processing factory. The Shi also survived, and built a society around the salvaged remains of their submarine.

Equipment Edit






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Appearances Edit

The People's Liberation Army is mentioned in all Fallout games, but only appear in Fallout 3 and Operation: Anchorage.

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