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Pearwood Residences is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4, located east of Hubris Comics.


Before the Great War, Kim Wu and her family resided there. One day, a bus arrived at the building and several of her neighbors, presumably also Chinese, boarded. The fate of the other families is unknown, but they were likely taken to internment camps, like her aunt Song Wu was. The police then entered the building, forcing her mother lead her to the roof to hide until it was over. Following the raid, they moved to Marshall Wu's house in Natick where they stayed until the bombs fell.[1]


In the lobby, there are five glowing fungus that can be harvested, as well as an elevator leading to the fifth floor. The fifth floor contains two nuka-cola machines and an exit to the Theater District. It is possible to drop down to the fourth floor, which contains a suitcase with randomized loot. Finally, there is a duffle bag with pre-War money and a Kim Wu's bedroom on the third floor. Second floor has stimpaks and other loot. The first floor contains no loot, but there is another exit to the theater district.


  • The elevator refers to the "first" floor as the "lobby", and the "sixth" floor as the "fifth" floor.
  • There is a hidden map marker named Oakwood Residences which points here, but it is not seen in-game.


The Pearwood Residences only appear in Fallout 4.



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