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This is a transcript for dialogue with Pauline Wins.

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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You'd best not try any funny business, stranger. One word from me, and Vance will plant you in the ground! 1
GREETING Neutral 50 What the hell you want? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Thank god you talked me out of trying to rob the Strip. I guess we'll wait here until I come up with our next caper. 3
Charm Pauline into Rethinking their plan.
That's the greatest plan I've ever heard in my entire life. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Really? You think so? We've only got the one gun, and there's two of us... and we've never done anything like this before... 4
Neutral 50 We've never been on the Strip, either, so we don't know how many guards the casinos have. And I keep having these nightmares... 5
Neutral 50 What are we thinking? We're gonna get ourselves killed! 6
Neutral 50 Look, tell Sammy to give you the gun, all right? Just take it! I don't want it around, tempting us to do something stupid! 7
Your plan has critical flaws. Neutral 50 [FAILED] So does your face, all right? And Sammy will add a few more if you don't shut up! 8
PaulineGun I know the two of you stole Vance's gun down in Primm. Neutral 50 Why would I deny it? I was the one that hacked that Cowboy Robot while Vance kept him busy. Ain't the first thing we stole. Won't be the last. 9
PaulineNeverHeardOfYou You sound pretty tough. Why haven't I heard of you two before? Neutral 50 We ain't never heard of you, either, so the not being impressed is mutual. 10
Neutral 50 Come a week or so, though, and everyone will've heard of Sammy and Pauline! Just you wait! 11
PaulinePlan What's your plan? Neutral 50 Sammy and me got our hands on a powerful weapon not too long ago: Vance's gun. You know - Vance, of Vance and Vikki? 12
Neutral 50 That gun's our "shot" at the big-time. We're gonna sneak it onto the Strip and rob one of the casinos. Maybe all of them! 13
Neutral 50 We'll be known as the greatest gunslingers to ever terrorize the wastelands! 14
Your plan is going to get you both killed. Neutral 50 You'll see! You'll feel stupid that you made fun of us when you learn how rich we are! 15
PaulineWhoAreYou Who are you? Neutral 50 I'm Pauline, of Sammy and Pauline, the wasteland's most dangerous and notorious criminal couple! 16
Neutral 50 You'd best not mess with us, or you'll have a bullet hole where your eye used to be! 17

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HELLO Hello Neutral 50 Sammy and I are grateful. We are going to follow our dreams. 18