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For other keys in Fallout and Fallout 2, see Key.

An electronic security key, color coded red/blue/yellow

Pass keys are miscellaneous items in Fallout and Fallout 2. They are used to open corresponding colored doors.



  • Red pass key - The Glow, level 2, on a burnt corpse in the northeast corner. Used for the 2nd elevator.
  • Blue pass key - The Glow, level 4, on the burnt corpse of Charles Ringhold. For use on 3rd elevator, access Level 5.
  • Yellow pass key - The Glow, level 1, on Dennis Allen's corpse. For use of the first elevator.

Fallout 2Edit

  • Red pass key - found in Gecko's nuclear power plant, on a shelf in the room adjacent to both the yellow- and blue pass key rooms.
  • Blue pass key - in Gecko's nuclear power plant, on a shelf in the room next to the yellow pass key. Also found in Navarro underground, Dr. Schreber's lab, in his desk. Used to unlock the utility tunnel leading to the imprisoned Xarn.
  • Yellow pass key - in Gecko's nuclear power plant, room near the supply room. Also found in a locker in Percy's house in the Gecko junkyard.

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