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This is a transcript for dialogue with Bael.

Topics Edit

Can someone in the Citadel train me to wear Power Armor?
Can anyone in there teach me how to use power armor? Neutral 50 Of course. But you'd have to secure the permission of Elder Lyons and well... I just don't see that happening. So move along. 1
GREETING GREETING Surprise 50 You! You're back! We... We all thought... you know. 2
Neutral 50 Look, Elder Lyons and the others are assembled in the lab. There's talk of assaulting the purifier. You'd better get down there right away. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Name's Paladin Bael. What do you need, civilian? 4
GREETING Anger 10 You again. 5
Neutral 50 State your business, and be quick about it. 6
GREETING Anger 10 What do you need, civilian? 7
TLBrotherhood What can you tell me about the Brotherhood of Steel? Disgust 20 I can see you're trying to appeal to my good nature. Pity for you I don't have one. 8
Neutral 50 I'll give you this one for free we use our big guns to kill big Super Mutants, so people like you can sleep at night. 9
TLCitadel What is this place? Neutral 50 You're standing in front of the Citadel, headquarters to the Brotherhood of Steel. Capital Wasteland detachment. 10
TLCitadelEnter Can I come in? Anger 20 Negative. No Super Mutants, civilians or traveling salesmen allowed. 11
Happy 20 Which are you? 12
I can come in now... right? Disgust 10 That's an affirmative. You're clear to enter. But I still don't like it. Or you. 13
Care to share anything about the Super Mutants?
Anything about the Super Mutants I should know? Neutral 50 Yeah, the city ruins are crawling with them. They've pretty much overrun all of old D.C. 14
Neutral 60 Do yourself, and us, a favor and stay as far away from there as humanly possible. Definitely no place for civilians. 15

Conversation Edit

MQ05LiEndSpeech MQ05LiEndSpeech Neutral 50 I'm sorry, ma'am. No unauthorized civilians allowed inside the Citadel. You'll have to leave now. 16

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