You see this paint I'm using? Only one place left in the whole Commonwealth you can get it. Hardware Town. Ruined store close by to the west. Bring back a can of paint, and it'll be 100 caps in your pocket. How's that sound?Abbot

Painting the Town is a side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side quest: Painting the Town
Talk to Abbot.
(Optional) Go to Hardware Town.
Fight off the raider ambush.
Retrieve paint cans.
(Optional) Use the paint mixer to create green paint using yellow and blue paint.
Return to Abbot and paint the wall.
Use blue or yellow paint.
Use green paint.
Reward: 150 XP
100 caps
Reward: 150 XP
300 caps

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Talk to Abbot at the wall in the northwest part of Diamond City, against the green wall with the scoreboard. He will ask to retrieve a can of paint from Hardware Town. Passing a speech check can get Abbot to pay for the paint up front or give more caps.

It is not necessary to go to Hardware Town if one already has paint in their inventory. The Sole Survivor may also already have the green paint if a radiant quest from the Minutemen leading to Hardware Town has been done and the Survivor mixed the paint, as only one can is needed.

Exit Diamond City and head west to find Hardware Town. Approaching the store, a settler, seemingly in distress, will shout and ask the Sole Survivor for help. Follow them inside where a group of raiders will be waiting in ambush. Once the raiders have been killed, cans of yellow and blue paint can be collected around the warehouse. At the far back of the storage hall, there is a paint mixer which can be used to mix green paint using yellow and blue paint. Various ammo, loot and valuables can be found in machines and locked chests around the warehouse. There is an issue of Picket Fences upstairs in the main office, on the desk.

Alternatively, one can enter through a loading dock behind Hardware Town. This will allow for a more stealthy infiltration, as the raiders will not initially be aware of the player character's presence. The Sole Survivor can clear out the basement first and work their way up through a hole in the main floor. The paint mixer is right by the ramp to the basement, and can be accessed without killing all the raiders, though it may alert them to the player character's presence.

Return to Diamond City and use the paint on the wall. Painting the wall blue or yellow will result in a reward of 100 caps from Abbot. Painting the wall green will result in a reward of 200 caps (300 if passing all the speech checks).

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Search the Hardware Store for PaintAbbot in Diamond City wants me to find paint for the city's Wall. There's a place called Hardware Town where I can start looking.
20 (Optional) Mix a batch of Green PaintI've found some paint. Time to go back to Diamond City and collect my reward.
30 Return to AbbotI've managed to mix a can of Green Paint, the same color as the Wall in Diamond City. Abbot will be happy about this.
40 Apply a paint to the WallAbbot in Diamond City wants me to show him what kind of paint I've found by applying some to the Wall.
100 Talk to Abbot - Wall is greenI've painted a spot on the Wall. Time to talk to Abbot about my reward.
110 Talk to Abbot - Wall is blueI've painted a spot on the Wall. Time to talk to Abbot about my reward.
120 Talk to Abbot - Wall is yellowI've painted a spot on the Wall. Time to talk to Abbot about my reward.
200Quest finishedIcon checkQuest completeI helped Abbot find some new paint for Diamond City's Wall.
500Quest failedIcon crossQuest failed - Abbot deadAbbot is dead. Whatever reward he would've given me for retrieving paint for the Wall is gone with him.


  • Neither the blood can nor the red paint can added in Far Harbor and Nuka World can be used to paint the wall.
  • After a period of time has passed, the wall will be updated with whichever color the player character chose, and will show a scoreboard in addition to new paint. Diamond City guards will comment on the player character's choice.
  • Instead of mixing the paints, a can of green paint can be found in the Mechanist's lair.
  • Companion reactions to this quest:
    • Cait, MacCready and Strong like telling Abbot to make the player character not touch the wall.
    • Cait and Strong dislike complying with not touching the wall.
    • Piper likes assuring Abbot that the player character won't touch the wall.
    • Strong dislikes saying the Sole Survivor likes the color of the wall.
    • Cait and MacCready like asking for more money.
    • Nick Valentine, Piper, Danse and Codsworth dislike asking for more money.
    • Cait and MacCready dislike on agreeing to retrieve the paint.
    • Strong likes on agreeing to retrieve the paint.
    • Piper and Nick Valentine like using green paint.
    • Cait and MacCready like demanding payment after painting the wall.
    • Danse likes saying "Happy to help."
    • Deacon dislikes saying "Happy to help."
    • Deacon likes saying "You're nuts."


  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Even after getting the miscellaneous objective to "See Abbot at the wall" to initiate the quest, one will sometimes not be able to talk to him. He will just speak his "I'm busy!" lines. Sometimes this can be cleared by going to Hardware Town and obtaining the green paint. On the other hand if the green paint is already obtained before attempting to talk to Abbot, removing it from the inventory first may allow talking to him, though in this case the quest may still malfunction. Disabling and enabling Abbot does not fix the quest. A way to avoid the bug may be by not making the green paint before meeting him and get the quest.[verified]
    • A possible cause is a quest objective for Quartermastery or Kidnapping being in Hardware Town, regardless of if the quest is active or not. Completing the quest seems to fix this issue.[verified]
    • pcIcon pc You can try to resolve this issue by using the console command setstage ffdiamondcity01 20 if you already have the paint. You could also try setting the stage to 10 instead of 20 if you don't yet have the paint. However, the setstage command does not seem to work for this quest if the situation outlined above is currently in effect.
  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone If the Sole Survivor has an extra blue paint can in the inventory after mixing with green paint for Abbott, it will be stuck in the inventory permanently, adding the weight of the paint can to the encumbrance for the rest of the game. Even upon completion of the quest, it still counts as a quest item, and therefore cannot be removed.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone After having the paint mixer work in many different games, it no longer works, even when restarting games from scratch multiple times. [verified]