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A (preserved) pack of cigarettes is a junk item in Fallout 4.


A small box containing pre-War cigarettes.They can be used as decoration, sold, or broken down for crafting components. This box is labeled with the name of a brand or company, "Grey Tortoise". An image of a tortoise is seen on both sides of the box. On one of the sides, there is a bar code.

The preserved version can be found in regions such as Vaults and Cabot House which were not exposed to radiation. It is functionally identical aside from a higher value and cleaner texture.


This item is first discovered in Vault 111. It can also be found in a security office in Vault 81, and in Vault 114.

  • Common loot in most human NPC dwellings.
  • Often found in cigarette machines inside structures
  • Around 450 packs can be found lying around, and about 40 preserved packs.
  • Nick Valentine has two packs of cigarettes in his inventory when traded with as a follower.
  • One preserved cigarette packs can be found in Cabot House, in the basement bedroom on the shelf.
  • Two other can be found in the lobby of the Harbormaster hotel.
  • Preserved cigarette packs can be found in The Institute, including the chamber of Shaun.
  • May sometimes be dropped by feral ghouls.


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