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The pacification robot is a robot under the control of the Calculator. It is a quadrupedal robot, built rather like a rhino or a bear on all fours, with four stun cannons protruding from the "head". It stands about 5 to 6 feet tall. Its purpose is crowd control and incapacitating tougher units so they can be dealt with by humanoid robots. Due to its bulk and resiliency, pacification robots are used by the Calculator for local tactical command and control over lesser robotic entities.


The pacification robot appears only in Fallout Tactics. The first pacification robot is found in the region Great Bend, where it has apparently been incapacitated (reduced to 1 hp and rendered defenseless) by a collapsed ceiling. According to Jake, it was responsible for organizing the other robots in the area, and without its presence the others are less able to function. According to General Dekker, the scribes support this theory.


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