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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Message file for critters in the Fallout Demo.


{100}{}{Vault Dweller Man}
{201}{}{Human male dressed in protective leather clothing}
{301}{}{Human male wearing heavy steel armor.}
{401}{}{A pathetic loser.}
{500}{}{Dwarf Man}
{600}{}{Vault Dweller Woman}
{700}{}{Powered Armor}
{800}{}{Vault Overseer}
{1000}{}{Mole Rat}
{1100}{}{Rad Scorpion}
{1200}{}{Person in Robes}
{1500}{}{Combat Armor Female}
{1600}{}{Glowing One}
{1700}{}{Leather Jacket Man}
{1900}{}{Leather Jacket Woman}
{2100}{}{Male Combat Armor}
{2201}{}{Human female wearing attractive steel armor.}
{2300}{}{Mutant Lieutenant}
{2401}{}{Human female wearing protective leather armor.}
{2500}{}{Level 2 Mutant}
{2600}{}{Vault Dweller}
{2700}{}{Male Guard}
{2801}{}{A two headed, mutant cow.}
{3100}{}{Man in Leather Armor}
{3400}{}{Vault Dweller}
{3500}{}{Vault Dweller}
{3601}{}{A canine, probably of a mixed breed.}
{4100}{}{Person In Power Armor}
{4400}{}{Mr. Handy}
{5100}{}{Death Claw}

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