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P.T. Barnum is a freak show operator in the Hub in 2161.


Barnum is descended from a long line of circus folk. Barnum's grandfather emerged from the same vault that went on to populate the Hub[1], and founded a nightclub there that he filled with magicians, dancers, and the like. Eventually Barnum's father took over this business, which was still doing well at The Hub. Barnum, knowing he was different, preferred travel to staying at the Hub so he bought a caravan and set out into the wastes.

He collected a few things, and even made a few creatures of his own. For a while he did well (especially with the Khans, who loved his dancing women), but then his performers began to depart, leaving him with only mutated creatures and makeshift wonders. On his way back to The Hub in defeat, he heard stories about the "Animal Men", strange creatures who lived in a radioactive pit down south[1]. Obsessed with the idea of these strange creatures, he eventually pinpointed their approximate location. Knowing he was unequipped for such a task, he hired a Jackal to bring him back a specimen, which he did, capturing two S'Lanter children[1].

Interactions with the player characterEdit

When the Vault Dweller comes across Barnum's caravan, he is paranoid and in possession of a shotgun. He can be talked down, or he can be killed. If the Vault Dweller speaks with him, Barnum will tell them his history, but he won't give the children back, unless he gets something better in return. Although Barnum wants to return to the Hub, there seems to be a rare red scorpion up near L.A. whose venom is sought by Barnum's father. Once the Vault Dweller kills the scorpion and brings Barnum the venom, he will give them the children and be on his way[1].


P.T. Barnum was set to appear in the original Fallout, but was cut before final release.

Behind the scenesEdit

P.T. Barnum is a reference to circus pioneer P.T. Barnum, a travelling showman who later founded the Barnum & Bailey Circus with James Anthony Bailey.


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