FilmThe following is based on the canceled Fallout movie and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Overseer is the leader of Vault 13 in the Fallout film.


The Overseer is described in the Fallout film treatment as the Head Elder of Vault 13. He is cautious of letting the, what turns out to be fabricated,[1] water-chip issue instil panic in the vault when we first encounter him. In the same scene he selects Hero to lead a physically demanding recon mission for a new water chip.[2] He also selects Female Officer and Scholar to join the mission, as well as Hero's friend Techy.[3]

All the scouts had shown a desire to go above ground at one point or another, as is revealed just before they go above ground,[4] but it does not become clear why exactly they had been chosen until they return with the water chip. It then becomes apparent that there was no water chip crisis, and they had been selected because they were disturbing the status quo. Overseer had selected them in order to purge is vault of discontent, but it soon becomes clear he was acting unilaterally.[5] Ironically, due to this decision and the murder of Hero's Intended, the Elders arm the populace with the aim of overthrowing the Overseer.[6][7]

Finally, it transpires that the Overseer was responsible for the nuclear war that had destroyed the world as he had launched the first missile in order to fulfill his apocalyptic prophecy and business model.[8] It was for this reason that the Master killed him in the end.[9]


Overseer was to appear in the Fallout film by Interplay Films.


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