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Out of Time is a main story quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Main quest: Out of Time
Exit Vault 111.
Go back home.
Speak with Codsworth.
Search the neighborhood with Codsworth.
Kill the insects.
Investigate Concord.
Reward: 200 XP
Leads to: Jewel of the Commonwealth
When Freedom Calls

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Escape from Vault 111Edit

Upon regaining control, the player character should open their spouse's pod door by means of the release switch to the right of the pod. Interact with the spouse's body to get their wedding ring and hear the player character vow to find the people who killed them and get Shaun back. None of the other pods can be opened, and interacting with them reveals that everyone else is dead. There is a terminal near the end of the room which reveals that most of the cryogenically suspended residents have died in their pods as a result of asphyxiation due to life support failure. Interestingly, it also reveals that the character was released due to a remote override being issued.

The door to the left in the hallway leads to more cryogenic pods with dead occupants, and another terminal which reveals that they met the same fate as the occupants in the previous chamber. The hallway leads to another door which refuses to open. Head through the right door instead. Go down and to the left, to find a room with a window and a giant roach on the other side of the glass. Upon approach, the roach will scurry off. Grab the security baton from the crate directly underneath the window, as it will be needed shortly. Before heading through the door, take a detour to the right to find a stimpak and a security terminal. The terminal details the purpose of Vault 111 and the operational protocols of its staff, and the security logs reveal a growing discontent with the Overseer of the vault culminating in a confrontation.

Upon going through the door and down the hall, the character will come across a radroach near what appears to be a mess hall ahead. Kill it and head into the mess hall. There is another terminal which has a lootable Red Menace holotape. The door to the left leads into the main power room of the Vault, where there are three more Radroaches. Kill them and head through the door, to find a staircase and two more roaches. Kill them, drink from the fountain to the right if needed, and then go through the door.

The Overseer's office has three stimpaks, a pair of eyeglasses, and a 10mm pistol with 50 rounds of ammunition. The open security gate has another 10mm and ammo, and a Cryolator inside a Master-locked case. The Overseer's terminal, in addition to revealing the Overseer's role in what ultimately happened, also has the command to open the evacuation tunnel. Use it and get out. The next tunnel has a total of six Radroaches which it is advisable to use V.A.T.S. on. After clearing the tunnel and going through the exit door, the player will encounter two more Radroaches. After killing them, proceed to the vault door controls and get the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV from the skeleton of the dead scientist. Activate the door controls, and head through to the exit chamber. Upon going into the elevator, there will be given one last opportunity to customize the character's appearance and stats before heading out into the wasteland of The Commonwealth.

A Ruined SanctuaryEdit

Upon returning to the surface, the Sole Survivor is shocked upon discovering the state of the world. The trailer right next to them has some medical supplies, and the three yellow crates near the elevator should be looted as well.

Retrace the path the player character took to get to the vault to get back to the ruins of Sanctuary Hills. Codsworth will be near the player character's home. Talk to him in order to get some understanding about just what happened to the world and just how long it's been since the bombs fell. There is also an easy Persuasion option and the Hi honey! holotape that can be gotten by speaking with Codsworth.

Explore the neighborhood by following Codsworth who is searching for signs of life. This will lead to combat with bloatflies and radroaches. When the two battles are done, Codsworth will suggest the Sole Survivor go to Concord to continue the search for Shaun. It is possible to invite Codsworth to accompany as a companion.

The road to Concord leads south out of Sanctuary Hills across the bridge. Make sure to get the two grenades from the trash can before heading across the bridge and some more supplies from the dead raider with the drifter outfit and the dead Mongrel. Head down the road to find the Red Rocket truck stop where a dog can be found that is willing to accompany the Sole Survivor as a companion. If sticking around to explore the Red Rocket, there will be a battle with five to six mole rats before moving on.


Upon reaching Concord, the Sole Survivor will hear the sound of gunfire ahead. Travel toward its source to reach the Museum of Freedom, where three to four Raiders are battling a man on the roof with a laser musket. Kill the raiders, and the man will implore the player to grab another laser musket off a dead Minuteman and head inside to take down the raiders and save the settlers inside. This will complete the quest and begin When Freedom Calls.

Quest stagesEdit

1 Exit Vault 111
10 Go home
20 Talk to Codsworth
30 Search the Neighborhood with Codsworth
32 Kill the Insects
34 Kill the Insects
55 Investigate Concord
65Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete


  • It is possible to clear out the area before talking to Codsworth, doing so will make him point the player to Concord as soon as he is spoken to.
  • If visiting Concord before speaking to Codsworth, the dialogue will change and he will be immediately available as a companion.

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