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Our Lady of Hope Hospital terminal entries are a series of terminal entries found in Fallout 3's Our Lady of Hope Hospital. They coincide with entries at the Concierge terminal in the Statesman Hotel across the street.

Nurse's Station terminal 01/02/03Edit

Terminal 1 and 2 are found at ground level, number 3 is on a desk on the second level.

Unlocks Meds SuppliesEdit


> Unlocked

Injury Report 09087768Edit


Patient Name: Tom Mallone
Injury: Extreme muscle injury to groin area
Mr. Mallone was admitted by the staff at the Statesman Hotel across the street with an extremely painful pull in the groin region of his body. He indicated he was in the company of one Ms. Seneca Clarkson at the time, but would not disclose what caused it. The muscles affected are the Gracilis Muscle and the Adductor Longus Muscle.
Medicine and physical therapy recommended.

Injury Report 09087790Edit


Patient Name: Harold Worthington III
Injury: Sharp pain in knees and in left arm from a fall
Mr. Worthington was admitted by the staff at the Statesman Hotel across the street with the aforementioned pains. He claims to have fallen by slipping on some water left on the ground by a faulty ice machine in the hotel. After an overnight stay and extensive testing, we can find no injuries to treat.
Please also note that Mr. Worthington asked for at least 8 pillows to help him sleep and when the room was cleaned the next day after he was discharged, they were all gone.

Injury Report 09087882Edit


Patient Name: Richard Maynard Watson
Injury: Eyes were splashed with caustic chemicals
Mr. Watson was admitted by some of his fellow employees at the Hubris Comics facility. Apparently one of the press machines malfunctioned and sprayed hot steam and caustic chemicals into his face and hands, causing severe burns and nerve damage.
Due to the nature of his injuries, he was flown to Hopkins in Baltimore for specialist care.

Turret control systemEdit

This Average locked terminal is located on a desk near the Vernon Square exit.


-RobCo Trespasser Management System-

Re-configure Targeting ParametersEdit


> Target Data Cleared. Exercise Caution.

<!>WARNING: No Targeting Data<!>Edit


> <!>Please Exercise Caution<!>

Deactivate Turret SystemEdit


> Powering Down...

Activate Turret SystemEdit


> Booting...

System InformationEdit


RobcOS v.85
(C)2076 Robco
| User Log:
| >> Administrator (RobcoID 2398-H)
| >> Default Targeting_Param:
| >>> RobcoIndustrial_userGroup


> Loading LOG file...

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