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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the Vault 13 voice interface terminal.


{100}{}{You see a computer terminal.}
{101}{}{You see the voice interface terminal.}
{102}{}{You see a standard computer terminal, modified for voice commands.}
{103}{}{You examine the computer terminal, but cannot find anything obviously wrong with it. What do you do?}
{104}{}{Hit it in that 'special' way.}
{105}{}{Kick it in that 'special' spot.}
{106}{}{Run the diagnostic program.}
{107}{}{Open it up and look inside.}
{108}{}{Leave it alone.}
{109}{}{You gaze at the console for a while and decide upon the best spot to place a punch. After giving it your best 'this'll fix it' hit, the monitor flashes a couple of times and then stabilizes. There is no other effect. What do you do?}
{110}{}{Kick it in that 'special' spot.}
{111}{}{Run the diagnostic program.}
{112}{}{Open it up and look inside.}
{113}{}{Leave it alone.}
{114}{}{This well-known repair method produces two results. First, the monitor seems to go haywire for several seconds and then stabilizes. Second, you hear a breaking metal type of sound and the panel you kicked falls to the floor. What do you do?}
{115}{}{Run the diagnostic program.}
{116}{}{Damn thing's open. Might as well look inside.}
{117}{}{Leave it alone.}
{118}{}{You are certain that the system should have a set of diagnostic routines available. However, the keyboard input seems to have been disabled. The unit accepts voice commands only. What do you do?}
{119}{}{The only thing left is to look inside.}
{120}{}{Leave it alone.}
{121}{}{Peering into the mass of cables and circuit boards, you find that the system has been deliberately sabotaged. One of the circuit boards, the voice recognition module, is beyond repair and must be replaced. Now all you need to do is find a replacement module.}
{124}{}{You install the module in the terminal. The system is repaired.}
{125}{}{The terminal needs a voice recognition module installed before it can become operational.}
{127}{}{The system is working fine now.}
{128}{}{Accessing security footage, loading holographic playback...}
{129}{}{You are the last, Gruthar. The stain of your kind will soon be wiped clean.}
{130}{}{You tell your so-called President that he will burn for this.}
{131}{}{Whatever. You were never anything more than a talking animal.}
{132}{}{That may be, but we were created through your experimentation. Your gave us life!}
{133}{}{And now I give you death.}
{134}{}{Take his body. The doctor wanted a specimen.}
{135}{}{Their blood will run like the Nile!}

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 2 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

{200}{}{Welcome, Vault Dweller. For your convenience, this Vault-Tec terminal has been modified to respond to vocal commands. Please vocalize your command now.}
{201}{}{Oh, you've got me confused with someone else. You see, I'm not the Vault Dweller, I'm the Chosen One. }
{202}{}{Run diagnostics.}
{203}{}{Switch to keyboard input mode.}
{204}{}{Access security footage.}
{205}{}{Log off.}

{210}{}{[A light blinks on the terminal as it makes various clicking and whirling sounds. After several seconds, text appears on the monitor.] Sorry, I did not understand your command. Please repeat your command, making sure to speak directly into the microphone in a clear and precise manner. Vault-Tec apologizes for any inconvenience. Thank you.}
{211}{}{Run diagnostics.}
{212}{}{Switch to keyboard input mode.}
{213}{}{Access security footage.}
{214}{}{Log off.}

{220}{}{Please wait while I initiate diagnostic checks..Vault-Tec appreciates your patience...Thank you for waiting...Diagnostic checks complete. All systems are working properly. After all, you're using Vault-Tec. }
{222}{}{Log off.}

{230}{}{Switching to manual interface mode...manual interface mode initiated. For the convenience of others, this terminal will automatically revert to vocal interface mode once you have logged off. Please input command.}
{231}{}{Search database for anything of interest.}
{232}{}{Log off.}

{240}{}{After a bit of searching, you discover three files that might be worth a look: Vault Dweller's Survival Guide (Abridged Version), Vault 13 Timeline, and Overseer Logs.}
{241}{}{Access Vault Dweller's Survival Guide (Abridged Version). }
{242}{}{Access Vault 13 Timeline. }
{243}{}{Access Overseer Logs.}
{244}{}{Log off.}

  1. Vault Dweller's Survival Guide (Abridged Version)

{250}{}{Welcome to Vault-13, the latest in a series of public defense works from Vault-Tec, your contractor of choice when it comes to the best in nuclear shelters. Vault-Tec, America's Final Word in Homes.}
{252}{}{The Vault series of survival shelters are designed from the ground up to provide the best chance for a good life following nuclear armageddon. It is the duty of every American citizen to learn and use the skills necessary for a comfortable Vault life. The best place to start is with a description of your new home.}

                                    Starting construction date: August 2063
                        Ending construction date: March 2069
                             Starting Budget: $400,000,000,000
                                Final Budget, with interest: $645,000,000,000
                   Total number of occupants: 1,000 (at capacity)
                 Total duration: 10 years (at capacity)
                            Number of living quarters: 100 (hot bunking required if at maximum capacity)}

{2541}{}{Door thickness: 4 yards, steel
                                       Earth coverage: 3,200,000 tons of soil, at 200 feet
           Computer control system: Think machine
                          Primary power supply: Geo-thermal
                                Secondary power supply: General Atomics Nuclear Power backup systems
                                                         Power requirements: 3.98mkw/day
                                 Stores: Complete construction equipment, hydro-agricultural farms, water purification system from underground river,
 defensive weaponry to equip 10 men, communication, social and entertainment files (for total duration)}


{256}{}{To help Vault Dwellers record information (and information is extremely valuable, in fact, it might be the most valuable weapon we have against the end of civilization, so pay attention!) Vault-Tec has selected the RobCo Industries RobCo Pip-Boy 2000 as the Personal Information Processor of choice for its Vault Dwellers.}

{258}{}{The RobCo Pip-Boy 2000 is a handy device that you wear on your wrist. It's small, especially by today's standards, and it will store a goodly amount of information for you. And using modern super-deluxe graphics to boot! Please refer to your Pip-Boy manual for more information.}

{260}{}{The key to a successful reintroduction of civilization following a massive scale nuclear war is people. Here at Vault-Tec, we are working to ensure to your fellow man (and woman) is up to the task of bringing America back from the dead.}

{262}{}{We believe that a positive attitude is one of the best tools at our disposal. Should you encounter any fellow Vault Dwellers displaying a less than positive attitude, you are encouraged to report them to your Vault's Overseer. Remember, once the doors are sealed, the Overseer's word is law.}

{264}{}{Vault-13 comes prepared with the latest in survival equipment. The items in your storage containers will last 1,000 people over 10 years in comfortable and modern surroundings. When it is time to leave the Vault, and return to rebuild America, your friends at Vault-Tec have provided you with everything that you will need.}

{266}{}{Thank you for taking the time to read The Vault Dweller's Survival Guide (Abridged Version). We at Vault-Tec feel confident that you'll love your new underground dwelling.}
{267}{}{Access Vault 13 Timeline. }
{268}{}{Access Overseer Logs.}
{269}{}{Log off.}

  1. Vault 13 Timeline

{270}{}{As you read over the beginning of the timeline, you find it interesting that no reason is given for why the Vault didn't open 10 years after the Great War, as it was originally designed to. }

{272}{}{Browsing ahead, you don't find much of interest until the year 2161, when the Vault's only working water chip breaks down. You feel a surge of pride as you read about your grandfather being selected for the important task of leaving the Vault and scouring the wasteland for a replacement water chip. However, it feels a little odd seeing your tribe's most revered legend told in a simple bullet point format.}

{274}{}{Continuing down the timeline, you read of your grandfather's success and subsequent exile, and how several other vault dwellers chose to join him rather than remain in the relative safety of the Vault. You also discover that the Overseer was eventually tried and executed by the remaining vault dwellers.}

{276}{}{The final entry in the timeline is dated May of 2242. It seems that, for the first time, Vault 13 was sent an "all clear" signal from an unknown source. After some debate, the vault dwellers decided to open the Vault doors and see what awaited them on the surface world. There is no record of what happened to them after that.}
{277}{}{Access Vault Dweller's Survival Guide (Abridged Version). }
{278}{}{Access Overseer Logs.}
{279}{}{Log off.}

  1. Overseer Logs

{280}{}{Authorization required. Please enter password. }
{282}{}{[Guess password]}
{283}{}{[Attempt to hack into it.]}
{284}{}{Log off.}

  1. Guess Password

{290}{}{Incorrect. Please enter password.}
{292}{}{[Guess password]}
{293}{}{[Attempt to hack into it.]}
{294}{}{Log off.}

  1. After 3 Incorrect Guesses

{300}{}{Incorrect. You are now locked out of these files. Vault-Tec apologizes for any inconvenience.}
{302}{}{[Attempt to hack into it.]}
{303}{}{Log off.}

{310}{}{[You try everything you can think of, but you're unable to gain access. With a sigh of defeat, you return to the main menu.]}
{311}{}{Run diagnostics.}
{312}{}{Switch to keyboard input mode.}
{313}{}{Access security footage.}
{314}{}{Log off.}

{320}{}{Password correct. All entries but one have been removed from the system. Final entry in the Overseer's Logs is still accessible.}
{321}{}{[After several long minutes of working your technical magic, you manage to hack your way into the Overseer's Logs. However, it seems that every entry except for the final one has been deleted.]}
{322}{}{Alright, let's see what this Overseer had to say. [Read Log.] }
{323}{}{Eh, whatever. [Logoff.]}

{330}{}{This is it. Consider these my final words, as I doubt I'll live to write another entry. Oh no, the people of the Vault have spoken, and they've made it quite clear that they want my head. I knew this day would come, ever since HE managed to rile them up by doing the impossible. Sure, he saved all our lives, but he also ruined everything.}
{332}{}{Let it be known that I took little joy in exiling our "great hero", but I had no choice in the matter. His adventures in the outside world had changed him too much. He was too great a threat to the project. Had I let him remain among us, he might have uncovered the true nature of the Vaults and jeopardized the experiment. Even if he didn't, he'd at least inspire others to venture outside, which would be just as bad.}
{334}{}{He simply had to go. There was no other option. But even that wasn't enough. No, I'm afraid the damage had already been done. I allowed his most stubborn supporters to follow him into exile, and then tried to reassert my control over those who remained. But it was no use -- I'd already been vilified. So be it. The only thing I'm guilty of is an entire lifetime of carrying out the demands of our Great Nation.}
{336}{}{My only regret is that Vault 13 is not likely to complete the social experiment. Once I've been disposed of, I feel certain the others will leave the Vault. Not right away, of course -- I've instilled too much fear in them of the outside world. But eventually, they're bound to overcome that fear. I have very little faith that Vault 13 will remained closed until 2277, as the experiment dictates.}
{338}{}{I'm afraid I have failed my duty as Overseer. I can only hope that the rest of the public Vaults involved in the Societal Preservation Program have been more successful. To my superiors, who I'm certain will one day read this: forgive me. And may God bless America.}
{339}{}{Search for any other files that contain information on "Societal Preservation Program".}
{340}{}{Log off.}

{350}{}{After hours of scouring through the computer's archives, you're unable to find anything else that mentions the Societal Preservation Program. As you give up your search, you vow never again to waste so much time staring at a computer monitor.}
{351}{}{Log off.}

{360}{}{After hours of scouring through the computer's archives, you're able to locate a few hidden documents concerning the Societal Preservation Program. As you read over them, you uncover a rather disturbing truth about the Vaults: they were never intended to save the population of the United States.}
{362}{}{Incredibly, all 122 of Vault-Tec's public Vaults were part of a grand social experiment orchestrated by the US government. Only 17 of those Vaults, dubbed "control Vaults", were designed to function correctly (it seems Vault 8 was one of the lucky few). The rest were meant to have various critical flaws, so that the government could study the pre-selected occupants, and see how they react to the stresses of their situations, and how well they're able to re-colonize once their Vaults open.}
{364}{}{It seems Vault 13's role in the experiment was to remain closed for 200 years to test the effects of prolonged isolation. Apparently, the breaking down of the water chip was un-intended, and forced the Overseer to improvise by selecting your grandfather to go out and fetch a new chip. After some more digging around, you manage to find descriptions of some of other Vault experiments.}
{366}{}{Vault 12's door was designed never to close, so that the assholes behind this experiment could "study the effects of radiation on the selected population". If you recall the legend correctly, Vault 12 was located under the ghoul filled city of Necropolis, where the Vault Dweller finally found the water chip. It seems quite likely that the ghouls were the result of this experiment.}
{368}{}{Vault 15, another key location in the Vault Dweller's quest, was to be populated by people with "radically diverse ideologies" that would be sealed in the Vault together for 50 years. Vault 27 was to be purposely overcrowded with 2,000 people -- double the maximum capacity. That couldn't have been pretty. Vault 29 was to be populated only by those under the age of sixteen, with their parents "purposely redirected to other Vaults".}
{370}{}{Vault 34's experiment involved an armory overstocked with weapons and ammo, and, of course, not provided with a lock. How pleasant. Vault 36 suffered from food extruders that were designed to produce only "a thin, watery gruel", while Vault 42 was outfitted only with dim lighting—no light bulbs of over 40 watts were provided.}
{372}{}{Vault 53's equipment was designed to break down every few months. While repairable, the constant breakdowns were meant to test the stress of the inhabitants. You wonder how many expert mechanics and technicians that Vault produced. Vault 55 would have all its entertainment tapes removed, while Vault 56 would have all its entertainment tapes removed, with the exception of one featuring a particularly bad comic actor.}
{374}{}{Vault 68 was to be occupied by 999 males and only one female. You can only imagine the horrors that took place there...Vault 69, on the other hand, was to be occupied by 999 females and only one male...interesting. Vault 70's jumpsuit extruders were designed to fail after 6 months. And finally, Vault 106 was designed so that 10 days after being sealed, it would begin "releasing psychoactive drugs into the air filtration system".}
{375}{}{Log off.}

{500}{}{You learn about the Vault Experiments and the roles of the various Vaults.}
{510}{}{You learn about the history of Vault 13 and the Overseer's role in the Vault Experiments.}

{520}{}{I'm sorry, I did not understand that.}
{521}{}{Log off.}

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