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For the Mentats that appear in the various Fallout games, see Mentats.

Orange Mentats are a consumable item featured in Fallout 4 that can be crafted or found by the Sole Survivor.


Orange mentats are in a small tin that says Mentats on the front.

Unlike normal Mentats, Orange Mentats provide an increase to Perception for eight minutes (which can be increased to 24 with Chemist). Additionally, V.A.T.S. accuracy is increased by 10% to all regions.


Asbestos (1)
Carrot (3)
Mentats (1)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Orange Mentats (1)



The VATS accuracy increase is higher than the stated 10% boost because Orange Mentats also add 5 points of Perception, making this invaluable for low Perception characters.

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