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This page lists all factions in Fallout 3.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For factions in other Fallout games, please see "Faction".
  • For an overview of Fallout 3 content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout 3".


Name Locations Add-on Faction ID
Big Town resident - BigTownFaction
Brotherhood Outcasts Operation: Anchorage BrotherhoodOutcastFaction
Brotherhood of Steel Broken Steel BrotherhoodSteelFaction
Chinese remnants - ChineseGhoulFaction
Enclave Broken Steel EnclaveFaction
The Family - MS09TheFamilyFriendly
Lamplight resident - LamplightResidentFaction
Littlehorn & Associates - PerkContractKillerLocationFaction
Megaton resident - MegatonResidentFaction


Pitt raiders The Pitt DLC01PittRaiderFaction
Pitt slaves The Pitt DLC01PittSlaveFaction
Raiders - RaiderFaction
The Railroad -
Regulators - RegulatorFaction


Reilly's Rangers - ReillysRangersFaction
Rivet City Council - RCCityCouncil
Rivet City resident - RCResidentFaction
Rivet City security Broken Steel RCSecurityFaction
Republic of Dave - RepublicOfDaveFaction
Talon Company - TalonCompany
Super mutants - SuperMutantFaction
Vault 101 security - Vault101SecurityFaction
Slavers - SlaverFaction

ParadiseFallsSlaverFaction SlaverMemorialFaction

Tenpenny resident - TenpennyTowerResidentFaction
Tenpenny Security guards - TenpennyGuardFaction
Underworld resident - UnderworldGhoulFaction



Name Locations Add-on Faction ID
Apostles of the Holy Light Broken Steel DLC03WQ03ApostlesFaction
Church of the Children of Atom - MegatonChurchOfAtomFaction
Point Lookout tribals Point Lookout DLC04TribalFriendlyFaction
Saint Monica's Church (Christian) - SaintMonicaFriends
Treeminders - MS10OasisFaction
Abbey of the Road (Christian) Point Lookout

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