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Old nuclear test site
Old Nuclear test site
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map markerOld Nuclear Test Site
buildingsNuclear test shack
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Feral ghoul reavers
cell nameSLOldNuclearTestSite (test site)
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I'm so done being confined in this human body. So, today I moved in to the shack at the abandoned test site. There should be enough radiation there to turn me into a ghoul. All around me this world is bleak and dreadful; is it so wrong to want a body to match it?


The old nuclear test site is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


The old nuclear test site is a highly radioactive area of the desert inhabited by feral ghoul reavers and glowing ones. Feral ghouls also wander the surrounding hills.

Although the site is mostly fenced off and inaccessible, the nuclear test shack in the compound can be entered. On a nearby hill to the northwest is a sandbagged observation area with chairs and five pairs of authority glasses.

Notable lootEdit


  • The two rescued Powder Gangers from the quest Booted will travel here and come to a stop at the area just in front of the nuclear test shack, where they will most likely be killed by the many high-level feral ghouls. If the ghouls are cleared out beforehand, the two prisoners will stand around in the area until the ghouls respawn.
  • The center of radiation is not the crater, but is located closer to the shack, and tops to around 9 rads a second near the shack's door.
  • Arcade Gannon will have some comments about the site when first brought to the area.
  • Arcade's comments about the area claim that the test site was a nuclear waste dumping ground, which means that either Arcade's source of information was incorrect, or the test site was a dumping ground before nuclear bombs were tested here.[1]


The old nuclear test site appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.



  1. Nuclear waste disposal. Pre-War, people figured there was so much desert in Nevada, you might as well turn it into a big dumping ground. - VFSArcadeGannon.txt

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