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The office building is a location in Fallout 3, located in south Falls Church and marked on the local map as "Office Building", (not to be confused with the office building on Washington Boulevard). The unmarked quest "The Lost Initiate" is set in this building.


This structure, which has a parking lot and some City Liner bus stops in front, is accessed by a pedestrian bridge over Washington Boulevard, (which leads to the Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro).

The first floor, comprised of a restroom, (with a brahmin-on-a-chain trap), storeroom, and offices, (with a bear trap), is accessible. There is one room which requires a level 100 Lockpick to open.


The building is occupied by super mutants and Initiate Pek, a terrified Brotherhood initiate.

Notable lootEdit

  • One of the offices has a floor safe with an Easy lock built into a desk. Near that desk, on the floor, is a copy of Tumblers Today. The office is one room directly north of the entrance.

Related questEdit


  • This office building appears only in Fallout 3.


  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 The entrance to the building is on the north side of the structure. Upon entering, however, the Wanderer will be facing north, and the local map will also show them at the southern end of the building. [verified]


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