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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Gruthar, an intelligent deathclaw in Vault 13


{100}{}{You see a deathclaw. It watches you with strangely intelligent eyes.}
{101}{}{You see Thearn, the deathclaw.}
{102}{}{You see a typical deathclaw. The creature is huge, with a powerful body, sharp teeth, and long claws.}
{103}{}{Forgive. I no speak well. I try talk you.}
{104}{}{You want what?}
{105}{}{Who you?}
{106}{}{What you do?}
{107}{}{How smart you?}
{108}{}{Me go now.}
{109}{}{Who are you?}
{110}{}{What are you doing here?}
{111}{}{No offense, but just how smart are you?}
{112}{}{Well, just passing the time.}
{113}{}{I Thearn. Who you?}
{115}{}{Me leave.}
{116}{}{I've got to go.}
{117}{}{It's a pleasure to meet you, Thearn. I'm}
{118}{}{Got it.}
{119}{}{Now that I think about it, I don't give a radrat's ass who you are.}
{120}{}{I guard hall. Safety of pack goal.}
{121}{}{Oh... Uh...}
{122}{}{Guard? What?}
{123}{}{Ok. Me go.}
{124}{}{Well, continue on. I'll be leaving now.}
{125}{}{You're doing a great job!}
{126}{}{You call yourself a guard? Ha!}
{127}{}{What are you guarding the hall against?}
{128}{}{Intruder. Human, deathclaw, whatever. Pack threatened, I attack.}
{130}{}{I see.}
{131}{}{I'd be surprised if you're smart enough to tell a friend from a foe.}
{132}{}{I feel sorry for any intruders who happen upon you.}
{133}{}{Never mind. I'll be seeing you.}
{134}{}{How I judge? Not know. Some things understand much. Some things understand little. Lot things understand not.}
{135}{}{You, me, same.}
{136}{}{Yeah, well that describes me as well.}
{137}{}{You're doing ok.}
{138}{}{In other words, you're a dumbass.}
{139}{}{You pack friend. You save pack by fix machine.}
{140}{}{Hello again. I still guard here.}
{142}{}{Arrrrrrrrrgggh! Die!}

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