The Oberland station is a location and potential settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Oberland Station has one permanent building: a railway check station at the center. The settlement's small size and confined space makes it ideal for a vertical settlement. It has a small farm area with tato plants, cooking station, and two settlers when it is first discovered. Oberland is often attacked by raiders and super mutants in early stages but with enough defenses it can become virtually maintenance free as well as provide a lot of salvage from working settlers.



Oberland station appears only in Fallout 4.


  • pcIcon pc Neither settler will engage in conversation to start the quest line to make the settlement habitable for the Sole Survivor. Plus, the Minutemen will ignore this settlement for reoccurring missions. To solve this, kill the settlers and use the workshop. [verified]
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4. Settlers assigned to trading posts can not be interacted with during store hours. Initiating conversation with them will only cause them to say common lines of dialog. [verified]
  • ps4Icon ps4 A notification about an attack may be given and after fast-traveling the attacker turns out to be a synth settler or brahmin. When the synth settler or brahmin is killed, be it by the player, a companion, or a settler, control of the settlement is immediately lost. [verified]
    • Has been fixed.