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The O'Neill Family Manufacturing terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal in O'Neill Family Manufacturing in Fallout 4.



Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

Repair Shop Terminal




William ThomasEdit


Customer: William Thomas

Problem: Mr. Handy randomly loses mobility and falls to the ground about four timeIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic a day. Asked if he knew what could've caused the issue, Will reported seeing the neighborhood kids throwing baseballs at the robot. However, no physical damage noticed upon inspection.

Labor: 16 hours

Mechanic Report: Although no physical harm was noticed, one of the guys did find some loose screws inside. Upon further inspection it was determined that the propulsion fail switch was being activated by one or more of the loose screws causing the Handy to fall to the ground.

Jerod BeeneEdit


Customer: Jerod Beene

Problem: Jerod brought in his "Mr. Handy" after noticing it constantly bumping into things around the house.

Labor: 8 hours

Mechanic Report: Two of the three optical sensors have been wired incorrectly causing the bot to mistranslate incoming data on its surroundings. This bot has been so heavily modified I'm sure it's breaking all kinds of federal laws.

Jessica McCannEdit


Customer: Jessica McCann

Problem: Jessica brought in her company's Protectron after several co-workers complained of a mildew smell coming from the bot. When asked about any potential causes, Jessica reported that the company did host a happy hour last week and things may have gotten a little out of control. The Protectron may or may have not been involved in a pool party.

Labor: 4 hours

Mechanic Report: The lower compartment was completely filled with water. Drained, cleaned, rinsed, and dried.