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Nuka Quantum grenade is a weapon in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


The Nuka Quantum grenade was a result of Project Cobalt's attempt at weaponizing the Strontium-90 isotope, nicknamed Quantum, that would later be used to create Nuka-Cola Quantum. The grenade looks identical to a Nuka grenade save for a glowing blue band around the lower half that hints at its origin and working principle. Like all quantum-based weapons, Nuka Quantum grenades detonate in a bright blue mushroom cloud, albeit a much smaller one than for example a Nuka-nuke's. Their damage rating is the same as a Nuka-grenade's minus the radiation component, which makes them the second-most destructive grenade type in the game.

Except for the two examples found next to the Project Cobalt schematics, Nuka Quantum grenades cannot be looted anywhere else in Nuka-World or the Commonwealth. Crafting them at a chemistry station from a fair amount of rare resources is the only way of acquiring them, though usually worth the cost for those hesitant to scavenge for Nuka-grenades due to the latter's enormous power.


Acid (1)
Spring (1)
rangeIcon range
Science! Rank 4
levelIcon level
Nuka Quantum grenade (1)


  • Two Nuka Quantum grenades can be found in the underground experimentation base underneath the World of Refreshment.

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