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The Nuka-station is a location in Nuka-World in 2287.


Just like the Nuka-World transit center in the Commonwealth, Nuka-station functions as a hub for the Nuka-Express bringing guests to the park. The lower part of the station is in use by RedEye, and is called the Gauntlet. Most people coming to Nuka-World perish here, including traders and Gunners.


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Notable lootEdit

  • Dirty key - Nuka-station part of the Gauntlet, on a cigarette machine in a radio-active waste barrel filled room with a Nuka-World counter. Opens nothing.
  • Rusty key - In the same room, opens nearby Expert locked shack door
  • Scratched key - Also in that room. Opens nothing though.


Nuka-station only appears in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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