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Nuka-Grape is a consumable item in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Nuka-Grape was originally Grape-Pearl Soda, a patent belonging to Joannie Cheng, prior to its acquisition by the Nuka-Cola Corporation. Its grape flavor profile was virtually unchanged prior to Nuka-Cola Corp. releasing it as Nuka-Grape, aside from ingredients being adjusted to cut production costs.[1]


A purple bottle of Nuka-Cola, it features a purple label with an image of a purple grape bunch along with a similar bottlecap. This drink restores 150 Hit Points when consumed, along with restoring 50 Action Points and reducing the Sole Survivor's Radiation level by 400 points. Nuka-Grape can be chilled by using Buddy to produce ice cold Nuka-Grape.


  • May be sold by aid merchants, like Shelbie Chase.
  • Found in Nuka-Cola vending machines around Nuka-World.
  • Some can be found at the Fizztop Grille patio.
  • Sometimes you are able to win a few from the Nuka-Cade.



  1. Bradberton's office terminal entries#Grape-Pearl Soda

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