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Nuka-Cola Quantum is an additional type of currency in Fallout Shelter that was introduced in the 1.6 update, and has a multitude of uses.


Nuka-Cola Quantums can be used for:

  • Speeding up the return time when a dweller is returning from the wasteland or a quest.
  • Rush, and instantly complete the productions of weapon and outfit workshop.
  • Using them to speed up the time in the barbershop.
  • Rush and instantly complete training in a stat-raising room.
  • Unlocking a recipe for a theme without getting all 9 fragments.

Earning Nuka-Cola QuantumsEdit

Nuka-Cola Quantums can be earned by:

  • A Vault dweller finding them out in the wasteland.
  • Finding them randomly in quest scheduled by the overseer.
  • From a quest as part of rewards, scheduled by the overseer.
  • Receive a few bottles from Bottle & Cappy.
  • Receiving them in a 6-Pack to a truck (x1000) bottles included from the Fallout Shelter Store for real life currency.
  • Receiving x10 in a starter pack for real life currency.
  • Possibly obtained from a lunchbox.

Cost from StoreEdit

  • Six pack (x6 Quantums) - $1.50
  • Case (x32 Quantums) -$7.99
  • Cooler (x70 Quantums) - $14.99
  • Fridge (x150 Quantums) - $30.99
  • Crate (x400 Quantums) - $79.99
  • Truck (x1000 Quantums) - $159.99


Nuka-Cola Quantum cardsEdit

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