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Gametitle-FO4 NW
Gametitle-FO4 NW

The Nuka-Cade is an unmarked location in the Nuka-World Amusement Park and is a part of Nuka-Town USA.


The Nuka-Cade is an arcade-hall featuring different kinds of arcade games. There are five different kinds of playable games in the Nuka-Cade that require Nuka-Cade tokens to function: Hoop Shot, Atomic Rollers, Whac-a-Commie, Bandit Roundup and Nuka-Zapper Race. The arcade game winners are awarded with Nuka-Cade tickets that can be redeemed for prizes. The prize selection rotates around every few days and prizes range from souvenirs to power armor. Weapons received from the prize machine can have legendary effects.


The Nuka-Cade consists of a large building divided into several rooms. The Sole Survivor enters into a reception area with two token dispensers that dispense Nuka-Cade tokens in exchange for pre-War money, and a desk with a first aid kit beneath it. Down the stairs in this area is the prize terminal where tickets may be redeemed and then spent using the available menus.

The northern room contains the Bandit Roundup game, the southern room contains the Nuka-Zapper Race, the northeast room contains seven stations for Whac-a-Commie and five stations for Hoop Shot. In the southeast room, there is one station for Whac-A-Commie and five stations for Atomic Rollers, as well as an employees only door that leads into a generator room with a fusion core and a weapons workbench.

Fritsch waits in the reception area of the Nuka-Cade. He will help start the Amoral Combat quests in addition to acting as a merchant.

Bandit RoundupEdit

This is a shooting gallery game with two rows of various targets. As time goes on the targets will begin moving faster until time is up. A pipe pistol and some .38 rounds are provided, but any projectile weapon may be used. No points are deducted for missing a target. The targets are each worth a different amount of points:

  • Rabbit - 100 points
  • Pig - 150 points
  • Duck - 200 points
  • Star - 250 points
  • Nuka-Cola bottle - 300 points

Any weapon with the "explosive" legendary effect, such as Spray n' Pray, will knock down multiple targets at once. With rank 3+ of Demolition Expert, it can score the entire field.

Notable lootEdit

Nuka-Cade prize terminal rewardsEdit

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Price Prize Prize level
50 tickets Paddle ball string 1
50 tickets Souvenir plate 1
100 tickets Souvenir plastic bowl 1
150 tickets Souvenir magnet cow 1, 2
150 tickets Souvenir magnet flower 1, 2
150 tickets Souvenir magnet badge 1, 2
150 tickets Souvenir magnet cat 2
150 tickets Souvenir teddy bear 2
250 tickets Souvenir toy car 3
500 tickets Paddle ball 3
1000 tickets Nuka-Cola Orange 3
1000 tickets Nuka-Cola Wild 3, 4
1000 tickets Nuka-Grape 3
2000 tickets Nuka-Grape 3
2000 tickets Nuka-Cola Quartz 4
2000 tickets Nuka-Cola Victory 4
2000 tickets Operators right/left arm 4
2500 tickets Nuka-Cola Dark 4, 5
3000 tickets Jet Fuel 5
5500 tickets Raider power chest piece 5
6500 tickets T-51 right/left arm 5
10000 tickets Operators right/left leg 5
10000 tickets Sledgehammer 5


The Nuka-Cade appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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