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Northy is one of the targets for The Silver Shroud side quest. He can be found just south of Wattz Consumer Electronics.


Northy is, just like Smiling Kate, one of Sinjin's gang members. Unlike Smiling Kate, Northy attempted to hide and fortify a small building with defenses in response to other named gang members being killed off by the Sole Survivor in the guise of the Silver Shroud. He will be audibly distressed when encountered but will still attempt to attack.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
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The Silver Shroud



  • Unlike the other targets in the The Silver Shroud sidequest, Northy does not scale to the player's level.
  • Although Northy is protected by a number of bodyguards, he may attempt to escape to his fortified base when approached by the Shroud. In doing so, he may set off his placed traps and end up killing himself.


Northy appears only in Fallout 4.