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This is a transcript for dialogue with Don Hostetler.


GREETING GREETING Anger 80 {Reining Immense Anger} I should kill you, right here, for what you've done. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Hello there! Welcome to the Crimson Caravan Company. How can I help you today? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Need anything? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 I owe you an apology, stranger. We almost lost her forever, and I'm glad that things didn't turn out for the worse. 4
MrHostetlerAffair I've got to talk to you about Alice. Neutral 50 {Topic is a nuisance} I really don't have time for this right now. 5
MrHostetlerCaravan Is there any work to be had here? Neutral 50 You know, hiring isn't really my department. You should talk to Ms. McLafferty about work for hire. 6
Who did you say I should ask about work? Neutral 50 Like I said, talk to Alice McLafferty, she's in charge here. 7
MrHostetlerDrugDelivery I've got a package here from your friends Jack and Diane. Surprise 50 Huh? Oh! Oh, right. Yeah. I'll take that. You should go now, before you draw any attention. 8
MrHostetlerIntro Who are you? Neutral 50 The name's Hostetler - Don Hostetler. Can I help you with something? 9
Who are you? Neutral 50 {Slight Irritation} I've already told you... I'm Don Hostetler. 10
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasMrHostetlerTopic000 Alice's "friends" plan to use her to steal your Crimson Caravan earnings. Neutral 50 {Visibly bothered} Nonsense! Alice's a good girl. She may be going through a hard time, but... 11
Neutral 50 {Realizes that he owes no explanation} What the hell? It's none of your business. Don't bother me with this any longer. 12
So, about Alice... Neutral 50 {Realizes that he owes no explanation} What the hell? It's none of your business. Don't bother me with this any longer. 13
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasMrHostetlerTopic002 I've got proof of what I've said. Anger 50 I don't want to talk about this, didn't you hear? Now, get lost before we run you off the hard way. 14
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasMrHostetlerTopic004 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, that's right - good to say bye to you. 15

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