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Nordhagen Beach is a location and possible settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Nordhagen Beach is a small settlement along the coast. It has little in terms of pre-existing structures or potential salvage. Should the player character wish to make any sizeable changes or improvements to the settlement, they will have to bring in their own supplies (or set up a supply line) once the small amount of local salvage is exhausted. What it does have is ample access to dirt, a fair amount of salvageable wood, and water.

In its base state, there are three settlers; two parents and a child that are unnamed. The town's structures include: a small gourd patch, a water pump, and a tiny shack with three beds. Speaking with one of the settlers may start any of the Minutemen side quests without receiving the quest from Preston Garvey or Radio Freedom.

Fort Strong is accessible from Nordhagen Beach, on the site of the real life Deer Island.

Related questsEdit


  • In Vault 111, one of the terminals mentioned that a Vault-Tec employee named Nordhagen failed to show up when the bombs fell. The name of the settlement implies that he may have survived and founded it.
  • The three mattresses inside the shack cannot be moved or scrapped in workshop mode (on PC, you can use console commands to remove them).
  • Placing artillery pieces along the water line of the settlement allows for the shelling of the nearby airport.
  • If you kill the two settlers, the child will run away and you will be able to access the settlement.


Nordhagen Beach appears only in Fallout 4.

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