Nopah Cave

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Nopah Cave
Nopah Cave
Icon cave
Nopah Cave loc
map markerNopah Cave
cell nameSLSulfurCave02 (exterior)
SLSulfurCave02INT (interior)
ref id000dad5c (exterior)
0015b75b (interior)

Nopah cave is a small cave located in the Mojave Wasteland, east of Red Rock Canyon.


Nopah Cave is quite small. It has a narrow passage way leading to an empty chamber. The chamber branches off into other chambers, each with a moderate amount of fire geckos (typically 7 to 9). In the back of the left chamber, there is a dead super mutant master lying face down with a badly damaged Fat Man in his inventory. However, there are no mini nukes to be found in the entire cave. There are several skeletons in the cave, including one near the super mutant with a bag named "Adventurer's Pack" which contains some loot. Also seen is the severed head and chest of a man.

Notable loot

  • A nearly broken Fat Man is located on the corpse of a super mutant master.


The Nopah cave only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 It's possible for the super mutant master to respawn after 3 days (with another Fat Man and other random loot) and only have 1 health block. The geckos inside the cave will not respawn but those outside the cave will.

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